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SAP IS Utilities Device Management, Billing & Invoice Online Training

SAP IS Utilities Device Management, Billing & Invoicing Online Training

Device Management:

ISU/CCS Device management includes device technology , Device Installation , Meter reading and Inspection and certification of device. Device category/device is essentially identical to the material/equipment, hence all of the data and functions of the standard Logistics component are linked to Device Management module of ISU.

Billing and Invoicing:

Billing and Invoicing module explain the process that starts with Billing and Invoicing and finishes with Bill print out. Here you will also get knowledge of all ISU/CCS master data and functions relevant to Billing. Detail analysis of rates and prices modelling is presented in most simplistic way.

Course Content:

Device Management:

Technical Master Data

1.1 Connection Object

1.2 Premise

1.3 Device Location

1.4 Installation


2.1 Device

2.2 Device Category

2.3 Register Group

2.4 Winding Group

2.5 CT and PT

2.6 Device Life Cycle

2.7 Register Relationship

Service Order

3.1 Installation

3.2 Removal

3.3 Replacement

3.4 Inspection

Meter Reading

4.1 MRU and Portion

4.2 Schedule Records

4.3 Meter Reading Organization (Street Route)

4.4 Meter Reading Order creation

4.5 MRO download and Upload

4.6 Meter Reading Estimation

4.7 Meter Reading validation

4.8 Manual input of periodic & aperiodic meter reading

Integration Of DM With Other Modules

5.1 Integration with MM

5.2 Integration with PM

5.3 Integration with EDM

5.4 Integration with GIS

5.5 Integration with AMR
Billing and Invoicing

Billing Master Data, Rate structure, Creation and Execution

1. Billing Class

2. Rate type

3. Rate Category

4. Operands

5. Prices, price categories, Price types

6. Rates, Rate line items

7. Facts

8. Schemas, Working with schemas

9. Rate Determination

10. Discounts/Surcharges

Important Billing Functions

1. Billing Tasks

2. Billing periods

3. Special Billing functions

4. Process of Billing

5. Entry of selection

6. Billing & Simulation

7. Document Information

8. Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)

9. Billing Reversal Process

10. Manual billing


1. Invoicing Overview

2. Tasks of invoicing

3. Invoicing Processing

4. Budget Billing procedure

5. Payment plan categories

6. Creation of Budget billing plan

7. Payment plan (Creation and Configuration)

8. Payment schemes (Creation and Configuration)

9. Invoicing reversal (Basic settings for Invoicing reversal)

10. Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)

11. Lock Reasons for Invoicing

12. Bill Printout

13. Bill form

14. Control Parameters for bill printout

15. Classification criteria of billing line items
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