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SAP Fiori Security Online Training Institute in Hyderabad India

SAP Fiori - Security

Securing SAP Fiori system ensures that the information and processes support your business needs, are secured without any unauthorized access to critical information.

You must ensure that the user errors, negligence, or attempted manipulation of your system must not result in loss of information or processing time.

All these security policies should apply to all components in a Fiori system.

What You’ll Learn

Secure your SAP Fiori applications by identifying gaps in your security coverage and following industry best practices. Understand how to configure and use key tools and technologies, from SAP Web Dispatcher and SAP Mobile Secure to SAP Fortify by HPE. Learn to harden your front-end server to prevent data exposure, configure advanced authentication options, and ensure ongoing security for SAP Fiori!

Course Content:

1   Foreword 
2   Introduction 
2.1   SAP Fiori Architecture
2.2   Security Management Best Practice
3   Architecting for Security
3.1   Network Architecture
3.2   Software Architecture
3.3   Secure Configuration
3.4   Encryption
4   Tool and Technologies  
4.1   SAP Afaria
4.2   SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana
4.3   SAP Mobile Secure
4.4   CVA and SAP Fortify by HPE
4.5   SAP Enterprise Threat Detection
5   Authentication and Authorization 
5.1   Basic Authentication