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Couchbase Training in Hyderabad

Couchbase Online Training

This training in Couchbase lets you master one of the most powerful NoSQL databases. Couchbase is a multi-model NoSQL file oriented database software package that is deployed in critical enterprise deployment. You will get hands-on experience in working with Couchbase Server that can store credentials and key-values.

 Couchbase Training in Hyderabad


  • Anybody can take this training course regardless of their prior skills.

Couchbase Course Content:

Introduction to Couchbase

The Architecture of Couchbase, understanding Couchbase distributed NoSQL database engine, vBuckets for information distribution on Couchbase cluster, user and system requirements, Couchbase downloading and installation.

Single Node Implementation

Couchbase single node deployment for development purpose

Couchbase Web Console

Managing the Couchbase environment with the Web Console tool, configuring the Couchbase server and management, working with Couchbase data buckets, default bucket sizing, and administration.

Couchbase Multi Node Cluster

Methods for deploying Couchbase in multi node cluster – all Couchbase Servers on one machine and second with each Couchbase Server on own machine.

Couchbase Command-line Interface

The Couchbase Command-line Interface tools for managing and monitoring single node and multi node clusters, Severs and vBuckets, developing Reports for log data collection.

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