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Couchbase Server Admin Training in Hyderabad

Couchbase Server Admin

Operational training for Couchbase Server is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, followed by everything you to know to administer, monitor and work with your deployment to get the best uptime and performance.

Couchbase Server Admin Training in Hyderabad

Couchbase Server, originally known as Membase, is an open-source, distributed (shared-nothing architecture) multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package that is optimized for interactive applications. These applications may serve many concurrent users by creating, storing, retrieving, aggregating, manipulating and presenting data. In support of these kinds of application needs, Couchbase Server is designed to provide easy-to-scale key-value or JSON document access with low latency and high sustained throughput. It is designed to be clustered from a single machine to very large-scale deployments spanning many machines. A version originally called Couchbase Lite was later marketed as Couchbase Mobile combined with other software.

Couchbase Server provided client protocol compatibility with memcached, but added disk persistence, data replication, live cluster reconfiguration, rebalancing and multitenancy with data partitioning.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Training Schedule

Start DateScheduleCover courses
Feb 29th, 2017 Couchbase Server Admin Demo on 29th Feb 2017 @ 07 AM IST Day 1:

  • Introduction and High Level Architecture
  • Getting Started
  • Asynchronous and Advanced operations
  • Using JSON in Couchbase
  • Document Design and Beer Data
  • Sample App. – Intro. and Data Model
  • Tutorial Sample Exercise

Day 2:

  • Quick Review of Day One
  • Tutorial Sample exercises review
  • Introduction to Query and Views
  • Logging and other Advanced concepts
  • Exercises on Views
  • Enhancement of Tutorial for Views
  • Sample app. walkthrough and enhancement
  • Final Review, Roadmap and conclusions

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