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Devops Training in Hyderabad, Telangana

Devops Training In Hyderabad

Devops Training in Hyderabad, Telangana

Devops training online

DevOps is a software development method that emphasizes communication, collaboration (information sharing and web service usage), integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other IT professionals.

Devops Course Content

  • Introduction to DevOps and its Necessities
    • DevOps, DevOps Roles
    • DevOps Necessities
    • DevOps Problems & Solutions
    • Making a DevOps Transition
    • Identifying cultural impediments and overcoming it
    • Building Accountability and Trust
    • Understanding the Infrastructure layouts and its Challenges
    • Understand Scalability and Availability
    • Networking Concepts from an enterprise prospective
  • Understand Common Infrastructure Servers
    • Working of DNS Server at Internet Scale
    • DNS Configuration
    • DNS Installation
    • Understand the working of Geolocation
    • Understand Web Servers like Apache
    • Ngnix and their differences
    • Configure Apache and Nginx for the Enterprise
    • Understand HA and Setup HA Proxy for various Servers
    • Setup NFS and Openfiler for storage presentation
  • Implement Automated Installations and Deployments
    • Installation of Linux Servers using PXE boot or kickstart method
    • Automatic system updates
    • Configure SVN or Git for version control
    • Configure Jenkins for Build and deployments
    • Building an RPM package
    • Installation and Configuration of Puppet for deployments
  • Understand Performance tuning aspects and basic Security for Infrastructure
    • Operating system tuning concepts and its Concerns
    • Performance and Use Cases
    • Types of Disk Schedulers
    • Network tuning Parameters and their Influence
    • Bench marking servers like Apache Web Server
    • Understand the Security at the OS and Network level
    • Configure Linux Firewall and other security aspects for a secured environment
  • Basics of Bash/Python Scripting
    • Basics of Bash Shell like file descriptors
    • Environment
    • Understand the basic syntax of bash scripting
    • Understand loops
    • its conditions and return status
    • Understand and configure crontab for automating a task
    • Installation and Configuration of ClusterShell for deployments on large clusters
    • Basics of Python and its comparisons with bash scripting
  • oBasics of Virtualization and it's Concepts
    • What is Virtualization?
    • Types of Virtualization
    • Difference between Xen and KVM
    • Installation of virtual machines using Virtualbox
    • Vmware
    • KVM
    • Understand the various components of virtualization
    • Introduction to the Cloud virtualization
  • Monitoring And Logging
    • Understand Logging in Linux systems and its working for various services
    • Introduction to various logging tools
    • Understand System auditing
    • Install and Configure Nagios Monitoring for the Infrastructure
    • Writing custom plugins for Nagios
  • The Useful DevOps Tools & Commands
    • Understand the Dev and Production environments in an organization
    • DevOps Best Practices
    • Understand Openssl and Openssh details
    • Understand rsync for backups
    • Understand Commands like: lsof
    • netstat
    • Understand Virtual Memory
    • Free, top, vmstat, iostat, uptime, find, screen and strace
    • Disk commands like – df, du, mkfs, tune2fs, fdisk and dd
    • Understand /etc/fstab
    • mount commands

Training Schedule

Start DateScheduleCover courses
Feb 20th, 2017     Devops Demo on 20th Feb 2017 @ 07 AM ISTIntroduction to DevOps and its Necessities, Understand Common Infrastructure Servers, Implement Automated Installations and Deployments, Basics of Bash/Python Scripting, oBasics of Virtualization and it's Concepts

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