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IBM Varicent Online Training With Real Time Trainer


IBM Incentive Compensation Management enables organizations to automate the process of administering, calculating, reporting and analyzing variable-based pay programs. It enhances incentive compensation management by increasing accuracy, reducing costs and improving visibility into sales performance and compensation plans.

IBM Varicent training in hyderabad

Course Content:

  • Module 1
  • Introduction to IBM Cognos ICM 8
    • Identify the main differences between the Admin client and the Web client
    • Navigate the Admin client
    • Explain the use of the various modules available in the Admin client
  • Navigating IBM Cognos ICM
    • Log into IBM Cognos ICM 8
    • Explain the basics of ICM 8 interface navigation
    • Define the use of the Composer toolbar icons
  • Rivacent Overview
    • Understand the current Rivacent setup
    • Explain the requirements of Rivacent
  • Calendars
    • Explain the workings of ICM 8 calendars and their navigation
    • Explain the differences between locked and unlocked calendars in ICM 8
    • Add and configure new calendars
  • ICM Tables
    • Explain the use and purpose of Primary Keys
    • View and determine dependencies among tables
    • Import data into tables
    • Manually add new data to tables
    • Create tables
    • Navigate within tables
    • Explain the concept of effective dating tables
  • Introduction to Calculations in Cognos ICM
    • Navigate the New Calculation wizard
    • Create single-source calculations
    • Explain what each step in the New Calculation wizard does
  • Restrictions
    • Identify where restrictions are used in IBM Cognos ICM 8
    • Restrict tables to specific values contained in the tables
    • Join 2 or more data sources using restrictions
    • Explain why data sources are joined together
  • Multi-Source Calculations
    • Create calculations using multiple sources
  • Deconstructing the Requirements
    • Analyze requirements
    • Determine how to solve the requirements
  • Time Shift Calculations
    • Explain when Time Shift calculations are used
    • Create a Time Shift calculation
  • Union Joins (Add by Rows)
    • Explain a Union Join
    • Determine when to use a Union Join
    • Create a calculation using a Union Join
  • Components
    • Wrap objects into a component
    • Create placeholder connections
    • Create and link outbound and inbound connections
  • Data Stores
    • Explain what a data store is used for
    • Create a data store
  • Configuring Portal Access for IBM Cognos ICM Web
    • Describe how Portal Access manages access to reports in Cognos ICM Web
    • Create trees to be assigned to Access, Inquiry and Sign Off
    • Assign Trees to Presenter Reports
    • Create Web Tabs
  • Workflow Management
    • Analyze workflow.
    • Determine how to build an effective workflow solution
  • Admin Client Security
    • Create user roles and accounts
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