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CA eHealth Reporting Training - Ecorptrainings

In CA eHealth Reporting training course, delegates will examine the effective and efficient reporting capabilities of CA eHealth to monitor their infrastructure environment. This course will assist delegates with locating existing reports, understanding the relationship of technical features of eHealth as they relate to reporting. The essential concepts of CA eHealth required for understanding the reporting process will be explained as well.

CA eHealth Reporting

Course Content:

Define the CA eHealth Product

  • Identify Key Features of the eHealth Product
  • Identify the Major Parts of Infrastructure Management

Define Essential CA eHealth Concepts

  • Define eHealth Basic Concepts
  • Perform Discovery and Polling
  • Define eHealth Related Concepts
  • Define General eHealth Permissions
  • Locate Additional eHealth Information

Generate Core Reports

  • Differentiate Between Reactive and Proactive Analysis Reporting
  • Generate Standard Reports
  • Define the Relationship Between Existing Reports

Evaluate Elements through Data Analysis

  • Define the Data Analysis Process
  • Define and Understand Exception Points
  • Describe the Roll-up Process
  • Define Baselines

Generate Health and SLR Reports

  • Identify the Major Sections of the Health Report
  • Analyze Supplemental Reports
  • Identify the Major Sections of the Service Level Reports
  • Describe the Usage of Each Report

Manage Faults

  • Resolve Server Intermittently Unreachable Problems
  • Resolve WAN Link Down Problems

Implement Performance Management

  • Determine Routers to Upgrade
  • Resolve an Observed Abnormal Average Network Volume
  • Resolve an Observed Imbalanced CPU Usage

Plan Capacity Requirements

  • Determine Which WAN Links Are Nearing Capacity
  • Determine Which Hard Drives Are Nearing Capacity
  • Determine Underutilized Elements
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