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Cloud Foundry Training teaches how to build PaaS-friendly applications that can be deployed and managed in a Cloud Foundry environment. Learn how to use a full range of Cloud Foundry capabilities for modern web applications through our training.

Cloud Foundry is popular and powerful open-source platform as a service (PaaS) that provides you with a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services. Develop your favourite cloud-native application framework, then just cf push. Pivotal Cloud Foundry, powered by Cloud Foundry, delivers a turnkey PaaS experience on multiple infrastructures with leading application and data services. This course describes the best practices for designing PaaS applications, and walks through the deployment and management of a multi-tier web application.

Duration: 30 hours


Course Introduction
  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
curriculum_moduleIntroduction to Cloud Technologies
  • What is ‘the Cloud’
  • Distinguishing IaaS, PaaS and Saas
  • Cloud Foundry overview
  • Introduction to Cloud Foundry concepts
Getting Started With Cloud Foundry
  • Accessing a Cloud Foundry system
  • Deploying your first application using Spring Tool Suite (STS)
  • Examining logs
  • Adding and removing instances
Cloud Foundry Concepts
  • What is an Organization?
  • Defining a User Role
  • Understanding Spaces
  • The importance of the Application
Developing Java Applications For Cloud Foundry
  • Implementing logging
  • Accessing bound services
  • Using Spring and Spring Cloud to configure your application
  • Incorporating Spring Data, Spring Social, Spring Data
  • Using the command-line and web interfaces
System Management
  • Debugging your application
  • Scaling applications under load
  • Defining a manifest
  • Using and creating Build-packs
  • Using and creating Services
  • Cloud Foundry Health Manager
Application Architecture
  • Designing Cloud deployment
  • Interacting with hosts, ports, resources
  • Sessions and application state
  • Integrating the security service
Cloud Foundry Architecture And Management
  • Cloud foundry architectural components
  • What is BOSH
  • How Cloud Foundry works
  • Using the Administrator console
  • Manipulating underlying resources such as virtual machines rnand load-balancers
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