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Administration of the Advisors Suite 8

Course Description

  • Administration of the Advisors Suite 8 provides the technical students with an awareness of the tasks and process for system administration. 

  • ADV81-USE: Using Advisors Suite 8
  • FWK81-DPL: Framework 8 Deployment (recommended) or
  • CIM81-OPT: CIM 8 Platform Technical Operations (recommended)

Course Topics

Getting Started
 Course Navigation
 Course Details
 Course Objectives
Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor
 Overview of Administration
o Genesys Configuration Manager
o Advisors Administration Module
o Advisors Database
 Creating and Deleting Business Objects
o Activity! Creating Business Objects
o Activity! Deleting Business Objects
 Metrics
o Activity! Updating Metrics
 Role-Based Access Control
o Activity! Creating Users
o Activity! Changing Users Access Permission
o Activity! Deleting Users
 Configuring Objects and Relationships
o System Configuration
o Regions
o Application Groups and Thresholds
o Contact Centers
o Switches/Peripherals
o Application Configuration
o Agent Group Configuration
o Contact Group Configuration
o Activity! Updating Thresholds
o Activity! Adding or Editing Threshold Exceptions
o Activity! Configuring Contact Centers
o Activity! Activating Switches/Peripherals
o Activity! Assigning/Unassigning Applications
 Alerts
o Manual Alerts
o Alert Causes
o Key Actions
o Activity! Adding Manual Alerts
o Activity! Adding Alert Causes
o Activity! Adding Key Actions
 Notification
o Distribution Lists
o Notification Lists and Notification Templates
o Activity! Creating Distribution Lists
 Managing Genesys Adapters
o Activity! Adding a Genesys Adapter
Frontline Advisor
 Administration Module
 Role-Based Access Control
 Monitoring Hierarchy
 Quiz
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