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Using Quality Management eLibrary

Course Description

Using Quality Management eLibrary is a series of eLearning episodes which provide students introduction to Genesys Quality Management. Topics available for students to learn: Quality Management foundations, Forms Manager, Evaluations Manager, Evaluation Sessions, Quality Management Reports and SpeechMiner Dashboard. Using explanations, demonstrations, and click-through simulations students learn essential skills in Quality Management User Interface SpeechMiner within each episode.


 Using GIR 8.5 Recording UI

Course Topics and Objectives

1. Quality Management

 Quality Management Overview

2. Forms Manager

 Forms Manager Overview

o Understand the Forms Manager page

o Identify the steps for building a form

 Forms Manager Grid

o Understand the Forms Manager Grid

o Identify the elements in the Forms Manager Grid

 New Form

o Understand how to create a new form

o Identify the elements in a new form

 Questions

o Understand the Question Groups and Questions in a form

o Identify the question types

o Describe the question editor

o Understand auto-fail questions

o Identify mandatory questions

 Question Weights

o Identify the weighting configuration

o Understand score calculation

o Describe weighting setup of different question types

 Question Library

o Explain the Question Library

o Describe how to build the Question Library

o Understand how to use the questions in the Question Library

3. Evaluations Manager

 Evaluations Manager Overview

o Understand the Evaluations Manager

o Identify the Evaluation Schedule Types

o Describe the Evaluation Types

o Understand the Evaluations Manager Workflow

 Evaluations Manager Grid

o Understand the Evaluations Manager Grid

o Identify the elements in the Evaluations Manager Grid

 Create an Evaluation

o Understand how to create a new for evaluation

o Identify the elements in a new evaluation

 Selecting Interactions

o Identify the ways of associating interactions

o Understand how to select interactions

o Describe calculating the number of evaluation sessions

4. Evaluation Sessions

 Evaluation Sessions Overview

o Describe Evaluation Sessions

o Identify the workflow of performing evaluations

 Evaluation Sessions Grid

o Describe the Evaluation Sessions Grid

o Understand the columns available in the Evaluation Sessions Grid

 Perform an Evaluation Session

o Understand performing evaluation

o Describe tools in the interface of a session

5. Reports

 Reports Overview

o Understand Quality Management Reports

o Identify available report types

 Generating Reports

o Understand how to generate reports

o Identify the Report Templates

o Describe Saved Reports

o Understand Scheduling Reports

o Understand Report how to edit reports

 Quality Monitoring Reports

o Describe Quality Monitoring Reports

o Understand the tools in each Quality Monitoring Report

o Identify the Quality Monitoring Report results

6. Dashboard

 Dashboard Overview

o Understand SpeechMiner Dashboard

o Identify the Dashboard Views

o Describe Widgets

o Understand the View Column Layout

 Create a New View

o Understand adding a new View

o Describe View Settings

o Identify how to add Widgets

o Describe Widget Settings

 Navigating Dashboard

o Understand how to navigate in the Dashboard

o Identify My Messages table

o Describe how to send messages
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