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Workforce Management for Agents and Supervisors

Course Description

Workforce Management for Agents is designed to train contact center agents how to use the agent features of Genesys Workforce Manager.

Workforce Management for Supervisor is designed to train contact center supervisors and managers the skills to manage a workforce using Genesys Workforce Manager.

Course Objectives

Agent Training Objectives:

Module 1: Getting Started

• Logging In and Out

• Navigating the Schedule

Module 2: Schedule Bidding

• Scheduling Bidding Overview

• Sorting and Filtering Bidding Schedules

• Ranking and Submitting Bid Schedules

Module 3: Schedule Preference

• Requesting a Preferred Day Off

• Requesting a Specific Shift or Hours

• Editing a Preference Request

• Canceling a Preference Request

• Agent Initiated Exceptions

Module 4: Shift Trading

• Viewing Other Agents’ Schedules

• Creating Schedule Trade Proposals

• Responding to Other Agents’ Trade Proposals

• Reviewing or Canceling Proposals and Responses

Module 5: Using Time Off

• Viewing Time Off Balance

• Requesting Time Off Days

• Viewing Status of Time Off Requests

• Editing, Deleting and Recalling Time Off Requests

Supervisor Training Objectives:

Module 1: Getting Started

• Logging in to WFM Web Supervisor

• Working with Modules and Objects

Module 2: Calendar

• Viewing the Calendar

• Adding a Calendar Item

• Editing a Calendar Item

• Deleting a Calendar Item

• Changing Requested Status

Module 3: Schedule

• Viewing Schedules

• Inserting a Break

• Editing a Break

• Editing a Meal

• Inserting an Exception

• Deleting an Exception

• Inserting Full-Day Items

• Swapping Agent Schedules

• Approving Master Schedule Changes

• Allowing Agent-Initiated Exceptions

Module 4: Schedule Bidding

• Bidding

• Schedule for Bidding

• Setting up the Biding Process

• Controlling the Bidding Process

• How the Agent sees the Bidding open

• Auto Assigning Bidding

Module 5: Trading

• How Trading Works

• Approving or Declining a Proposal

Module 6: Monitoring and Reporting

• Monitoring Agent Adherence

• Monitoring Contact Center Performance

• Running System Reports

• Report Scheduler
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