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CA API Developer Portal - Foundations Training in Hyderabad

CA API Developer Portal - Foundations

In CA API Developer Portal - Foundations training course, Participants will learn to install, configure and integrate a Portal. They will view the Portal from an external role of a developer as they register for the web site and begin to create new and innovative applications.

Course Content:

Install and Configure CA API Developer Portal

  • Prepare a CA API Gateway for integration
  • Enable SSL with mutual authentication
  • Configure a CA API Developer Portal appliance
  • Access the Content Management System to configure the Portal
  • Schedule a data sync between the Gateway and the Developer Portal

CA API Developer Portal Internal Roles and Tasks

  • Execute Administrative and API Owner Tasks
  • Execute Business Manager and Account Manager Tasks
  • Use the Web Administrator account to rebrand the Portal
  • Set up developer forums for discussion, communication, and innovation

CA API Developer Portal External Roles and Tasks

  • Execute tasks as a Developer or Organization Administrator
  • Use the API Explorer
  • Access the reporting features of the product