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CA API Gateway - Foundations Training in Hyderabad

CA API Gateway - Foundations

In CA API Gateway - Foundations training course, Participants will play a hands-on role in discovering the architecture of a typical Gateway topology, implementing a basic cluster solution, publishing API to be managed by CA API Gateway, creating a fully configured policy to protect that API, and finally, adding strong security solutions to help stop potential threats.

Course Content:

Introduction to the CA API Gateway Virtual Appliance
  • Describe the CA API Gateway Open Virtual Appliance
  • Understand the Architecture of the CA API Gateway Implementation
  • Add the Open Virtual Appliance to an Existing Infrastructure

Initial Setup and Configuration of CA API Gateway

  • Configure the Primary Gateway Node
  • Configure the Secondary Gateway Node
  • Configure Database Components and Replication
  • Install the Policy Manager and License the Gateway
Introduction to CA API Gateway Policy Assertions

  • Publish the Voonair Airlines Platinum Event
  • Add the Voonair Airlines Customer Directory to the Gateway
  • Add Meaningful Assertions to the Policy
  • Add Logging and Auditing to the Policy
  • Add Policy Fragments and ClusterWide Properties
Advanced Assertions and Security Enablement

  • Evaluate Data Extracted from a Message
  • Limit Access and Throughput to a Resource
  • Add Threat Protection Assertions
  • Apply the Validate XML Schema Assertion
  • Apply the JSON Transformation Assertion
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