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Oracle SCM Cloud Planning Central Implementation Training in Hyderabad india

Oracle SCM Cloud: Planning Central Implementation

This Oracle SCM Cloud: Planning Central Implementation training teaches you how to identify demand planning methods and tools that planners have available in Planning Central, including automatic forecasting analytics, and multidimensional data modeling.


  • Oracle SCM Cloud: Supply Chain Management Foundation
Duration: 30-40hrs

Course Contents:

Overview of Planning Central

  • Demand-driven adaptive planning
  • Integrated demand and supply planning
  • Planning business flow
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Cloud-based deployment


  • Collections processing
  • Performing collections
  • Collected business objects
  • View collected data

Define Plans

  • Plan management
  • Plan types
  • Define plan options
  • Start the plan

View Plan Output

  • Plan Summary
  • Configurable Planner Workbench
  • Standard predefined views
  • Exceptions
  • Demand Fulfillment view
  • Additional predefined views using embedded analytics
  • Selector Tool usage to create tables, graphs, infotiles, and tile sets, and to determine placements in a plan summary

Configure Planning Data Security

  • Overview
  • Configure Data Security at different levels
  • Configure Data Security filters/rules
  • Use of Data Security in the work area pages

Modeling the Supply Chain

  • Supply network model
  • Sourcing rules and assignment sets
  • Items and item structures
  • Purchasing concepts
  • Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

Define Demand Plan

  • Demand plan scope
  • Demand plan options
  • Demand plan additional information

Demand Planning Considerations

  • Demand planning in Planning Central
  • Demand planning best practices
  • Run a demand plan
  • Planning with causal factors

Analyze Demand Plan

  • Review Forecast Results
  • Demand Exceptions
  • Override Forecast
  • Approve Plan

Working with the Demand Plan

  • Updating data and data allocations
  • Use units of measure and currencies
  • Use conditional formatting

Define Supply Plan

  • Supply Plan Options
  • Supply Plan Advanced Options
  • Organizations and Demand Schedules
  • Launching the Plan

Analyze a Supply Plan

  • Forecast processing
  • Requirements explosion for make item
  • Backward scheduling and order dates
  • Exceptions
  • Plan recommendations
  • Analyzing demand and supply
  • Demand Fulfillment page
  • Release recommendations

Drop Ship Overview

  • Drop ship sales order and purchase order
  • Drop ship validation organization
  • Planning for drop shipments
  • Drop ship sourcing setup
  • Drop shipment forecast
  • Release drop shipment recommendations

CTO Planning

  • Planning Setup: Consume then Explode
  • Configure-to-Order (CTO) Models
  • Forecasting CTO Models
  • CTO Model Forecast Consumption and Explosion
  • CTO Configured Item in Oracle Product Management Cloud and Oracle Manufacturing Cloud
  • CTO Configured Item Planning

Supply Planning Concepts

  • Planning in daily buckets
  • Planning for make orders
  • Resource calendars and resource utilization
  • Scheduling buy orders
  • Supplier capacity
  • Plans feeding demand to plans
  • Sourcing allocation splits
  • Planning for contract manufacturing

Simulation Supply Planning

  • Demand and supply changes
  • Simulation sets

Configuring Planning Analytics

  • Overview of Planning Analytics configuration
  • Configure dimension catalogs for analytics
  • Configure measure catalogs for analytics
  • Customize worksheets, graphs, infotiles, and tile sets
  • Use Selector Tool advanced options to refine your selections
  • Use the table drilling and linking features
  • Use spreadsheet integration in Items and in Supplies and Demands

Safety Stock Planning

  • Identify the business value of safety stock
  • Plan safety stock by based on days of cover
  • Plan safety stock based on target safety stock quantities
  • Plan safety stock based on statistical calculations

Implementing Planning Central

  • Trading Community source systems
  • Planning source systems
  • Planning profile options
  • Collect planning data during the initial setup
  • Load planning data from files
  • Configure planning analytics


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