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Kentico CMS Security Essentials Training in Hyderabad India

Kentico CMS Security Essentials

This 4-hour, instructor-led training course teaches non-technical users the basics of Kentico CMS Security. Students learn how to secure and control access to various parts of Kentico CMS including site content, document types, and system modules. This hands-on course features live demonstration, questions and answers, and guided student exercises. Only Kentico Certified Trainers deliver Kentico CMS Content Administrator training.

  • Attendees are expected to have completed CA01: Content Administrator Essentials training.
Duration: 32 Hours

Course Outline

Module 1: Kentico CMS Security
  • This module introduces the Kentico CMS built-in security system to manage site content, document
  • types, and module access.
  • CA04: Kentico CMS E-Commerce Essentials Syllabus
Lesson Objectives
 Explain the Kentico CMS security model
 Create a user account
 Manage roles and permissions
 Create document type permissions
 Manage document-level permissions
 Create a secure page
 Use membership objects
 Kentico CMS Security
 User Accounts
o Hands-on Lab M1-1: Adding a New User
 Roles
o Hands-on Lab M1-2: Creating a New Role
 Document Type Permissions
o Hands-on Lab M1-3: Document Type Permissions
 Document-level Permissions
o Hands-on Lab M1-4: Granting Document Permissions
 Secure Web Site Areas
o Hands-on Lab M1-5: Creating a Secure Web Site Area
 Memberships
o Hands-on Lab M1-6: Creating a Membership Product
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