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Oracle Utilities: Technical Foundation for Framework 4 Training in Hyderabad india

Technical Foundation for Framework 4:

This Technical Foundation for Framework 4 training explores common operations to help onsite IT personnel manage and operate the products throughout the implementation and into the future. It focuses on the IT operations commonly performed by IT or support personnel.

  • Operating System Concepts (Windows, Unix)
Duration: 20hrs

Course Content:

Introduction to CC&B Foundation

  • Overview of this course

Common Concepts

  • The Administrator account
  • An Environment and its structure
  • Starting the product
  • Stopping the product
  • Starting and Stopping problems and troubleshooting


  • Monitoring Overview
  • Monitoring Points
  • Monitoring Client Machines
  • Web Application Server Facilities
  • Thread Pools
  • Garbage Collection
  • Log-Based Monitoring
  • Active Monitoring


  • Nature of Performance
  • What Does a Java Error Look Like?
  • The Troubleshooting Approach
  • Bottom-Up Method
  • Top-Down Method
  • Common Problems

Configuration Concepts

  • Ports
  • The Cistab File
  • The Environ.ini File

Client Configuration

  • Browser Versions
  • IE Settings
  • Different URL's
  • Server Settings for Browser

Web Application Server Configuration

  • Web App Server Settings
  • Client Connection Thread Pool
  • JVM Settings
  • Log Management
  • J2EE
  • The Deployment Process
  • The File

Business Application Server Configuration

  • Overview of BA Server Configuration
  • Similarities Between the Web App Server and the Bus App Server
  • Configuration Process
  • Deployment Process
  • Hibernate and C3P0

Database Configuration

  • Demonstration vs. Initial Database
  • Database Installation
  • Database Utilities and Install Procedure
  • Additional DBA Tasks


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