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ECMAScript 6 Training Course in Hyderabad

ECMAScript 6

ECMAScript 6 Training Course in Hyderabad

ECMAScript 6 Course Content:

Introduction to JavaScript

Introducing Modern JavaScript

  • Controlling access, type and mutability
  • Functions, scope, namespaces and closure
  • Object serialization
  • Overview of AJAX principles
  • JavaScript security
  • Client Side Event handling
  • Client Side data persistence
  • Polyfills
  • ECMAScript 6 objects, properties and methods
  • Classes, subclasses and constructors: Object-Oriented techniques in JavaScript

Current and Imminent Support

  • Features which are already supported in some browsers and devices
  • Forthcoming built-in support
  • Legacy: where support will never happen

JavaScript Design Patterns (focussing on ECMAScript 6)

  • Modular JavaScript principles
  • MVC, MVVM, Service, Factory etc.

Building the User Experience: overview of modern JavaScript frameworks

  • The jQuery family
  • Angular, Bootstrap and Dart
  • AtScript and TypeScript
  • Other JavaScript frameworks and libraries (React, Ionic, Ember, Aurelia...)

Software Development Capabilities

  • Components and Modules
  • Single-threaded ‘blocking’ problem
  • Reduce use of ‘function’ keyword


  • converter
  • Converting offline
  • Online Read-Eval-Print-Loop for exploring ES6
  • Impact on performance

Sugar Syntax

  • Make a language easier to understand and more readable
  • Some features of ES6 are not really new
  • All methods are still added to the prototype

ES6 Language Features

  • Number and Maths Improvements
  • Maps, Sets and Weak Maps
  • Iterators and for-of loops
  • Object Literal Enhancements
  • Arrow Functions
  • Let and Const for Block Scoped Binding
  • Default and Rest Parameters
  • Template Literals
  • Promises


  • Property Method Assignment
  • Object Initializer Shorthand
  • Class definition and name
  • Class prototype
  • Instance property and class property

Shadow DOM

  • shadow root and shadow host

Module syntax

  • Named exports and Default exports
  • Importing modules

ECMAScript language types

  • Undefined, Null, Boolean, String, Symbol, Number, and Object


  • Overview of current JavaScript testing- Jasmine


  • Configuring Node for non-browser JavaScript
  • Node packages
  • Running scripts
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