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Delphix Tool Administration Online Training in Hyderabad

Delphix Tool Administration

What is Delphix?

Delphix is software that runs as a VM on VMware. Delphix manages storage. Delphix looks like a NAS to databases clones using Delphix. Delphix pulls in changes from source databases. Delphix exposes the source database data to clone databases via NFS. Clone databases share all duplicate blocks on Delphix and only modified blocks are kept private to those clones.
The Delphix Data as a Service platform transforms slow, complex, and expensive data management into fast, automatic, and efficient data delivery. By virtualizing and automating data delivery, Delphix helps speed the development of business applications.

Delphix Tool Administration

Duration: 25-30hrs

Course Content:

1.Installation Delphix Software in x86 machine

2. Manage and Maintain Delphix tool

3.The Delphix Object Model
  • Explains roles
  • Permissions
  • Various actions users can perform with Delphix Engine objects

4.Provisioning a Virtual Database with the Delphix Engine

  • Basic process for provisioning a VDB

5.Linking an Oracle Physical Standby Database to the Delphix Engine

  • Settings for various configurations of Oracle physical standby databases to link to the Delphix Engine

6.Create Runtime Profiles for Virtual Databases

  • Database configuration settings
  • Templates for VDBs

7.Managing DB (Oracle,MSSQL) and application backup from Delphix

8.Adding a SQL Server Target Environment

  • Adding a SQL Server target environment to a Delphix Engine
  • Installing and configuring the Delphix Connector

9.Creating and Scheduling Jobs from Delphix

10. Create Instantly Provisionable Points for Oracle dSources

  • Introduction to Oracle validated sync in the Delphix Engine

11.Restoring a dSource to a Physical Production Database
  • Introduction to the Virtual to Physical (V2P) process for creating physical copies of virtual databases in the Delphix Engine

12.Migrating a VDB to a New Environment

  • Migrating a virtual database to a new database environment

13.Database Cloning from Delphix

14.Rewind Data in a Virtual Database

  • Using the VDB Rewind feature in the Delphix Engine

15.Troubleshooting issues in Delphix Server
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