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Veeva Align delivers the right territory alignments quickly. Using a single global solution that seamlessly interoperates with Veeva CRM, you can rapidly adjust to market needs and resource constraints. This 2-day course will prepare System Administrators to configure the integration between CRM and Align and create territory alignment rules. Topic covered include, managing user access, extending the Align data model, setting up account territory alignment rules, and publishing Alignment data to Veeva CRM


Introduction to Veeva Align
  • Veeva Align API
  • Territory Alignment Overview
  • High Level Data Flow

Align User Interface
  • Align End-User Interface Navigation
  • Navigate the Admin Console
Align Settings
  • API Information
  • Branding, Language & Region Settings
  • Align Base & Time Zone
  • Bulk Translation
  • Help Settings
  • Domain Level Settings
User and Group Operations
  • License Types
  • Creating & Managing Users
  • Granting Support Access to Align
  • Creating Groups 
  • Working with Security Profiles & Permission Sets
Veeva CRM Configuration
  • Configuring the CRM Profile
  • Creating the CRM User Account
Veeva CRM Integration
  • Configuring Integration to Veeva CRM
  • Mapping Fields
  • Manual Verification of CRM Integration Records

Align Data Model
  • Object and Data Model Definitions
  • Editing and Adding Object Fields & Managing Picklists 
  • Object Page Layouts
  • Managing and Mapping the Custom Decile Field
Create Align Application Data (UI)
  • Creating and Editing Object Records
  • Activating Align Countries
  • Creating Field Forces & Territories
  • Creating Territory Footprints
  • Creating Products and Territory Products
Assign Accounts to Territories
  • Defining Account Assignments
  • Creating Basic Account Assignment Rules
  • Preview and Commit Account Assignments
  • Manually Assigning & Excluding Accounts from a Territory
  • Creating Account Hierarchies Based on Assignments
  • Push & Verify Territory Assignment in Veeva CRM
Align Data Loading
  • Align Loader & Vault Loader
  • Extracting Data using Vault Loader
  • Preparing CSV Files for Data Loading
Reports and Dashboards
  • Reports & Custom Report Type Creation
  • Conditional Report Fields
  • Report Filters and Columns
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Running, Saving, and Sharing Reports and Dashboards
Dynamic Access Control for Objects
  • Configuring Custom Sharing Rules
Transaction Limits
  • Align (Vault) API Overview
  • Compatibility & Security
  • API Integration Examples
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