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Veeva CRM Administrator Training in Hyderabad India

Veeva CRM Administrator

Veeva CRM is the original Veeva application, which is built on the platform. This 4-day course will prepare System Administrators to implement and perform Veeva CRM configuration tasks. Topics covered include managing user access, configuring core Veeva CRM functionality, territory management, data loading, reporting, and environment management. Configuration applies to Veeva CRM offline on iPad and Windows devices

Veeva Salesforce Course Duration: 30 Hours

Course Content

1 Introduction to Veeva
  • Veeva Company Overview 
  • Veeva Product Suite 
  • Resources and Guides
  • CRM Certification Description
2 Introduction to SFDC Platform
  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Using the SFDC Platform
  • Clicks vs Code
  • Setup Menus
  • Languages
3 UI Customization Part I
  • User Interface Settings
  • SFDC Searching
  • Translation Workbench
  • Home Tab Configuration
4 UI Customization Part II
  • Modifying Page Layouts
  • Working with Validation Rules
  • Platform Limits
  • Creating Custom Objects and Fields
5 Veeva Configuration Utilities
  • Veeva CRM Architecture
  • Custom Settings
  • Veeva Messages
6 My Accounts Configuration
  • Define My Accounts
  • Create Views and Lists
  • New Account Wizard
  • Veeva Global Account Search (GAS)
7 Account Object Configuration
  • Define Account Record Types
  • Create Custom Account Fields
  • Configure Account Buttons
8 User Profile Configuration
  • Define User Profiles
  • Define Permission Sets
9 Affiliations, Account Hierarchy, and Merging
  • Define Affiliations (Sphere of Influence)
  • Define Account Hierarchy
  • Merge Accounts
10 TSF, Address, and My Schedule
  • Define Territory Specific Fields (TSF)
  • Configure Addresses
  • Configure My Schedule 
11 Products and My Setup
  • Product Data Model
  • Create and Configure Products
  • Detail Favourites
  • Detail Topics and Detail Groups
12 Product Metrics Configuration
  • Define Product Metrics
  • Create Custom Product Metrics Fields
13 Call Reporting Configuration
  • Define Call Data Model
  • Marker Fields and Section Signals
  • Configuring Call Page Layouts
  • Configure Call Key Messages
  • Define Attendee Specific Fields
14 Sample Management
  • Define Sample Management Data Model
  • Configure Rep Roster
  • Create Sample Lots and Transfers
15 Cycle Plan Configuration
  • Define Cycle Plans
  • Cycle Plan Data Model
  • Cycle Plan Configuration
  • Cycle Plan Custom Fields
16 Data Loading
  • Define Data Loader
  • Review Data Loader Settings
  • Export and Load Data
17 Record Access Management
  • Define Record Access
  • Review Organization Wide Defaults (OWD)
  • Define Role Hierarchy
  • Define Territory Hierarchy
  • Territories vs Roles Best Practice
  • Using Account Territory Loader
  • Using Zip to Terr
18 Offline Configuration (iPad)
  • Define Veeva CRM on the iPad
  • Installing Veeva CRM on iPad
  • Offline Home Page
  • Account Timeline View
  • VMobile Object Configurations (VMOC)
  • Offline Validation Rules
  • Synchronization
  • Troubleshooting Sync Errors
19 Environment Management
  • Define Environment Management
  • Define Sandboxes
  • Migration Components
  • Veeva-tizing Sandboxes
  • Using Change Sets
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