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Intelligent Data Lake: Fundamentals for Analysts Training in Hyderabad

Intelligent Data Lake: Fundamentals for Analysts 

A fundamental overview of the methods used to discover data, and prepare data assets for actionable insights. Discover how to use a platform to enhance the data discovery and analysis experience while turning data into valuable data assets. This course is applicable for Version 10.1.1.

Intelligent Data Lake: Fundamentals for Analysts training

Duration: 25hrs

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction Intelligent Data Lake
  • Business scope of Intelligent Data Lake
  • What is Intelligent Data Lake
  • Features of IDL
  • IDL capabilities
  • Identify IDL terminologies
Module 2: IDL User Interface
  • Intelligent Data Lake interface
  • Various stages of data handling in IDL
Module 3: Search
  • Search Function
  • Data through search strings
  • Search Results
  • Different search filters
Module 4: Data Discovery
  • Data discovery capability
  • Data asset views 
  • Data copying and data deletion features
Module 5: Import and Export Data
  • Importation of data from external sources
  • Exportation of data to external targets
  • Download data assets as Tableau Data Extract file
Module 6: Project Management
  • Worksheets
  • Creating a project and adding data assets to it
  • Recommendations
  • Features of editing and sharing a project
  • Change project owners
  • Delete a project
Module 7: Data Preparation
  • Concept of data preparation
  • How to configure sampling settings
  • Suggestions 
  • Recipe and its features 
  • Data blending and data aggregation
  • Formula
Module 8: Data Publication and Upload
  • Concept of data publication
  • Publish prepared data
  • Download the publications 
  • Concept of operationalizing mappings
  • Process of data upload
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