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Oracle Fusion Cloud PPM Online Training in Hyderabad India

Oracle Fusion Cloud PPM


Oracle Cloud PPM (Project Portfolio Management) is the latest ERP cloud application for Project management. It ensures to give efficient management with smarter decisions, better communication between teams for collaborative project delivery success. Oracle Cloud has best access to applications, middle ware and database with single solution. It was designed to use with ease and manage the solution without IT Involvement. It has automation and information with simplified controls to access while increasing productivity and decisions.

Oracle Fusion Cloud PPM Online Training in Hyderabad India


  • Consultants, Analysts working for Oracle EBS R12 Project Accounting, Financials Modules can choose Oracle Fusion PPM Training.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Oracle Cloud Projects

  • Overview of Fusion applications and landscape
  • High level Features of Fusion applications
  • Overview of Fusion applications and landscape
  • High level Features of Fusion applications
  • Enterprise structures
  • Enterprise and Divisions5.3.2
  • Ledgers and Legal Entitie
  • Business Unit Concept
  • Application implementation life cycle management
  • Set up roles usages
  • Create Implementations project and configure offerings
  • Concept of Setup and maintenance
  • Fusion roles and security concept
  • Navigations in Fusion
  • View reports in Fusion
  • Modules in Fusion projects

2.Overview of Cloud Projects module and Key Configuration

  • Overview of Projects module
  • High level process flow
  • Key Configuration
  • Project Org classifications and hierarchy
  • Project Organization and Org tree
  • Project Unit and Options
  • Types and Categorization
  • Project roles
  • Project Periods
  • Resource Breakdown structures
  • Project types
  • Project templates
  • Project Statuses
  • Project Financial and Plan types
  • Project Statuses
  • Transaction controls
  • Period Profile and Spread curve
  • Project Creation flow
  • Project creation from template
  • Create Project Tasks and task assignment
  • Create Tasks
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Update dates using cascade option
  • Update tasks
  • Manage Project budget and forecasts
  • Budget creation using online option
  • Budget creation using AFBDI
  • Budget controls, versioning & baseline
  • Project progress
  • Project integration overview
  • Social networking overview

3.Cloud Projects Costing

  • Overview of Project Costing
  • High level process flow
  • Key Configuration
  • Rate Schedules
  • Labor Costing rules
  • Project transaction sources
  • Project Standard Cost Collection Flexfield
  • Costing Business Unit functions
  • Burdening
  • Burden cost base type, bases, codes
  • Burden schedule
  • Burden options
  • Project Cost collection
  • Enter cost using unprocessed transactions
  • Enter cost using ABFDI
  • Cost collection from external sources/payables/Cost management
  • Review chargeability/billability from the expenditure inquiry
  • Adjustments- E:g -Update Billable to non billable
  • Accounting of cost expenditures
  • Project allocation overview
  • Project Capitalization flow
  • Asset Creation
  • Asset assignment
  • Cost collection on capital project- review capital flag
  • Generate asset lines
  • Update asset status and interface to FA
  • Update asset status from FA
  • Project burdening overview
  • Demonstrate Cost burdening flow

4.Cloud Project revenue and billing

  • Overview of Project billing
  • High level process Flow
  • Key setups
  • Business Unit Project Billing options
  • Invoicing options
  • Revenue options
  • Event types
  • Invoicing Format
  • Billing extensions
  • Contract close reasons
  • Contract approval setup overview
  • Contract type
  • Document sequence and categories
  • Create and amend Customer contracts
  • Process flow
  • Create contract
  • Bill & revenue plans
  • Contract lines & funding amount
  • Associate project
  • Update contract status
  • Generate Invoice
  • Process flow
  • Generate Invoice
  • Review/preview Invoice, submit , approve & release invoice
  • Interface invoice to AR
  • Update invoice status from AR
  • Revenue
  • Process flow
  • Generate revenue
  • Review revenue distribution lines
  • Create accounting and interface to GL
  • Cross charge overview
  • Key setups
  • Cross charge concepts- Interproject billing and intercompany billing

5.Cloud Project Performance reporting

  • Overview of project reporting
  • Key configuration
  • Performance indicators
  • Tolerance percentage
  • Update Project Performance data
  • Process flow
  • Project Commitments
  • Performance data summarization & Generate KPIS
  • Review financial performance
  • OTBI reports and Dashboards
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