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Business Analyst Training with Trade Finance Domain Training in Hyderabad

Business Analyst Training with Trade Finance Domain

This Business Analyst training with trade finance domain is a hands-on course to help you become an IT business analyst. It will help you earn IIBA ECBA Certification as well as lay strong foundation for trade finance processes.

Business Analyst Training with Trade Finance Domain Training in Hyderabad

Duration: 30hrs

Course Content:

Trade Finance Basics

Overview of Trade Finance

• Introduction to International Trade Finance
• Stakeholder in International Trade Finance
• Components of Trade
• Modes of Payment in International Trade
  • o Clean payments
  • o Documentary Collection
  • o Documentary Credit
• Trade Risks
  • o Product risks, Commercial risks (purchaser risks), Political risks, Currency risks and Financial risks

Type of Trade Finance

• Pre-shipment Trade Finance
• Post-shipment Trade Finance
• Forfaiting
• Factoring
• Bank Guarantees
• Domestic Trade Finance

Trade Finance Products

• Documentary Collection
• Letter of Credit
• Guarantees and Counter Guarantees
• Syndication
• Bill Discounting
• Supply Chain Financing

Lifecycle of Trade Finance Products

• Trade Initiation, Execution and booking
• Trade Issuance and Confirmation
• Post booking
• Settlement
• Managing Changes during lifetime
• Reporting during lifetime
• Maturity or Closure of Trade

Trade Documentation

• Significance of documentation
• Classification of documents
  • o Contracts :
  • o Commercial: the invoice and packing list.
  • o Transport: air waybill, bill of lading, sea waybill. CMR document, rail waybill, dock receipt, mate´s receipt, forwarder´s receipt, etc.
  • o Legal: documents that satisfy a governmental requirement, such as certificates of origin, export declarations, import licenses
  • o Insurance: insurance policy and insurance certificate.
  • o Banking: letters of credit, drafts, collection letters of instruction.

SWIFT messages in Trade Finance

• Message categories used in Trade Finance
  • o Overview of MT7XX
  • o Explain message flow in Trade
  • o Explore few message types

• Different model of corporate connectivity
  • o SCORE vrs MA-CU
  • o Benefit to Corporate
• MT798, facilitating multi-banking in Trade Finance

International Commercial Terms - INCOTERMS

• International Trade Policy Framework
• International Chamber of Commerce
• Relevance of INCOTERMS
• Standardized INCOTERMS

International Trade Finance Guidelines

• Negotiable Instruments Act
• EXIM Policy

Regulations and Compliance

• Fraud Prevention and Anti Money Laundering
• Embargoes and Sanctions
• Client Onboarding

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