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Hadoop Online Training

Course Contents :

Hadoop: Overview
  • Move computation not data.
  • Hadoop performance and data scale facts.
  • Hadoop in the context of other data stores.
  • The Apache Hadoop Project.
  • Hadoop – an inside view: MapReduce and HDFS.
  • The Hadoop Ecosystem.
  • What about NoSQL?
MapReduce Map and Reduce.
  • Java Map Reduce.
  • Running a Distributed Map.
  • Reduce Job Hadoop Streaming: Python
The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem
  • HDFS Design & Concepts
  • Blocks, Namenodes and Datanodes
  • hadoop fs The Command-Line Interface
  • Basic Filesystem Operations
  • Reading Data from a Hadoop URL
  • Reading Data Using the FileSystem API
  • Data Flow Anatomy of a File Read
  • Anatomy of a File Write Coherency Model
How MapReduce Works
  • Anatomy of a MapReduce Job Run
  • Job Submission Job Initialization, Task Assignment, Task Execution
  • Progress and Status Updates
  • Job Completion, Failures
  • Job Scheduling
  • Fair Scheduler
  • Shuffle and Sort - Map Side, Reduce Side
  • Configuration Tuning
  • Task Execution, Speculative Execution, Task JVM Reuse, Skipping Bad Records
  • The Task Execution Environment
  • Distributed Cache
Hadoop Administrator
  • Setting Up a Hadoop Cluster
  • Cluster Specification
  • Network Topology
  • Cluster Setup and Installation
  • SSH Configuration
  • Hadoop Configuration
  • Configuration Management
  • Environment Settings
  • Important Hadoop Daemon Properties
  • Hadoop Daemon Addresses and Ports
  • Post Install
  • Benchmarking a Hadoop Cluster: TeraByte Sort on Apache
  • Hadoop on Amazon EC2
  • Monitoring, Logging Routine Administration Procedures
  • Commissioning and Decommissioning Nodes
  • Upgrades
  • Installing and Running Pig
  • Execution Types
  • Running Pig Programs
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Basic concepts.
  • HiveQL.
  • Serdes
  • Metastore
  • Concepts Data Model, Schema Design
  • Test Drive
  • Clients Java
  • REST and Thrift
  • Metrics

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