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Genesys Administrator Extension eLibrary

Genesys Administrator Extension eLibrary is a series of eLearning episodes which can provide students with an introduction to Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX). Topics available for students to learn: Agent and Group management, Audio Resource Management, Operational Parameter use and configuration, Remote Software Deployment, General Configuration using the Configuration Manager component of GAX. Using explanations, demonstrations, and click-through simulations students learn essential skills in GAX within each episode.


Courses Required
  • Framework Deployment (FWK8x-DPL) [for Deployment Module]

Course Topics

1. GAX Overview Module
 Describe the GAX architecture and which Genesys components work with GAX
 Successfully log in to GAX
 Describe the major sections of the GAX user interface
2. GAX Account Management Module (Primary Audience: business user)
 Describe basic account management (Accounts menu topics) in GAX and demonstrate ability to update user accounts,
agent groups, agent skills, roles, capacity rules and access groups
 Use bulk change sets
3. GAX Using Operational Parameters Module (Primary Audience: business user)
 Identify how a Genesys routing application or routing strategy works with a business case and GAX’s operational
parameter management
 Set values in parameter groups to determine how GAX will function when calls are routed
4. GAX Creating Operational Parameters Module (Primary Audience: consultants)
 Create parameters, group templates, and parameter groups in GAX
 Understand how routing applications implement parameters
 Describe how a routing application must be built to incorporate operational parameters
5. GAX Audio Resource Management Module (Primary Audience: consultant)
 Create audio resources in GAX and import pre-recorded audio files
6. GAX Configuration Manager Module (Primary Audience: business user)
 List and describe some of the contact center objects defined in Genesys
 Create and modify objects using Genesys Administrator Extension
7. GAX Deployment Module (Audience: consultant)
 Describe the install and configure process of GAX using Setup Mode
 Create a role for a GAX user
 Install and configure Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) into a Windows Server 2008 environment containing
Genesys 8.1 Framework using Setup Mode
 Describe the process for adding plug-ins to GAX
 Describe the install process for IP Packages with GAX
 Describe the use of SPD files
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