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Developing MarkLogic Apps I Training in Hyderabad

Developing MarkLogic Apps I

Learn to quickly build single tier applications using XQuery programming and MarkLogic.

  • MarkLogic Fundamentals 

Duration : 40 Hours

Course Content:

MarkLogic Fundamentals

Learning What MarkLogic Is
  • Describe what an enterprise NoSQL database is 
  • Describe the difference between MarkLogic and Hadoop 
  • Demonstrate how customers are using MarkLogic 
  • Get started with how MarkLogic works 
Installing MarkLogic
  • Describe the system requirements 
  • Access the installer 
  • Install MarkLogic 
  • Start MarkLogic 
  • Initialize MarkLogic 
Creating a Database
  • Describe the relationship between a forest and a database 
  • Create a forest 
  • Create a database 
  • Attach a forest to a database 
Communicating with MarkLogic
  • Describe the ways for communicating with MarkLogic 
  • Use Query Console 
  • Create a REST API instance 
Inserting Data into a Database
  • Describe the supported document formats 
  • Define URIs 
  • Describe the ways to insert documents 
  • Insert documents using JavaScript and XQuery functions 
  • Insert documents using a REST API instance 
  • Use MarkLogic Content Pump to bulk load 
Setting up an Application

  • Describe MarkLogic application servers 
  • Create an HTTP Application Server 
  • Create a hello world XQuery application 
  • Create a hello world Java application 
  • Stand up a simple Node.js application 
Introducing Search
  • Describe search features 
  • Describe MarkLogic’s search APIs 
  • Write a simple search query 
Adding Indexes
  • Discuss indexes in MarkLogic 
  • Add an index 
Using More Technologies
  • Describe semantics 
  • Explain alerting 
  • Access MarkLogic and Hadoop learning resources 
  • Describe MarkLogic and BI applications
Developing MarkLogic Apps I :
  • Setting Up MarkLogic Server 
  • Using the REST APIs 
  • Building XQuery Applications 
  • Writing XPath Expressions 
  • Writing FLWOR Expressions 
  • Conditional Expressions 
  • XQuery Functions and Operators 
  • Creating Local Functions 
  • MarkLogic Server Architecture 
  • Loading and Managing Data 
  • Error Handling and Logging 
  • Search Fundamentals 
  • Indexes 
  • Geospatial Data, Indexing, and Search 
  • Snippets, Highlighting, Sorting and Pagination 
  • Developing Library Modules 
  • Creating Faceted Navigation 
  • Introduction to Semantics 
  • Transactions 
  • Security 
  • Creating an Alternative Search Interface

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